Mar 1, 17 / Ari 04, 01 18:35 UTC

Where can I put this?  

I have made an off-site internet location where I am generating news articles based on the goings-on here on the forums and relating to Asgardia in general.

Because of the rules relating to advertising, I believe I am not allowed to post links to the site here, so I am asking how it is that I can share with others about the site without it qualifying as advertising, or perhaps getting permission to post it.

I do not, and will not, allow the site to be subsumed under the Ministry of Information, because that is a government-controlled media organization, and this is an independent organization.

So, how can we make this work for everyone?

Mar 1, 17 / Ari 04, 01 18:59 UTC

Hi Phicksur,

I am Ryan Zohar, CA'S media director. I'd like to welcome you to the Asgardian newsmedia. I'm excited to see a non-state media initiative and would like to work with you on getting information to you so we can develop a platonic and professional relationship. What's the best way to communicate with you?


Mar 1, 17 / Ari 04, 01 19:00 UTC

Also I moved the topic to newsmedia based on topic criteria.

Mar 1, 17 / Ari 04, 01 19:20 UTC

Well, let's see. I am on Discord (phicksur#1407), Skype (phicksur), Twitter (phicksur), YouTube (phicksur), emails (, and my own website

Pick one, or a few, but not all because that would be silly.

Note: The site is very simplistic as I rarely use it for anything other than gaming. The news site I mentioned is on one of its subdomains but it is not linked to from the main site.

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