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Re: Does anyone think it possible that ET might just stop by for a visit?  

Hello there !

I see this topic went off the rail !  If you read head of the topic, it says: "Does anyone think it possible that ET might just stop by for a visit?" - why do you need any proof or solid evidences of - what are your thoughts ?

I think that this topic was more in the feelings of the ones conciousness, what do you think / feel.

My personal feelings are that this is possible, and probably happens without our knowledge, at least by some part of existing singularities of matter corelation in random environment (If someone is interested in this matter, I am here to talk). 

If someone is still here in this topic, 

PS, I must admit, that in my opinion, user 'birthofgenesis' destroyed this topic - it has already been moved to the 'offtopic' section. With all respect, you should not ask for proofs when someone asks about what other people THINK. But I agree with you, that for some serious actions, we would need further 'solid evidences', but this is not for now, in this topic.



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Reviving the topic just to answer a couple of questions, even though they do not deserve a response given the rude nature of them. First off bog, I do not do any drugs and secondly, I can present you with a compelling argument in support of their being intelligent alien life elsewhere in space. An argument that would be based on the discoveries made here on Earth regarding life that is proven fact and one you could not in anyway refute! 


Given that space time is a warpable fabric and people's tendency to use what we humans are not capable of regarding space flight when this question comes up, I personally see no validity to the distance argument when it comes to an alien race traveling through space. Humans managed to travel to the moon and send other craft even further out into space, so, I see no reason why a much older and wiser race could not have managed to develop the tech needed to cross even vaster distances. After all the only barriers would be 1) the knowledge necessary to develop said tech and get it to work correctly, 2) sufficient resources to build prototypes and eventually a finished design, 3) the time to properly test every component to ensure it functions correctly. Depending on the technology being sought to be created there is an additional barrier and that is the moral barrier. All of the things mentioned are things a race that managed to avoid destroying themselves as the reached new technological plateaus would have

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