Jun 28, 17 / Leo 11, 01 03:18 UTC

Human lifespan  

I was thinking of the future and wonder how fun it would be there if we were able to live that long..  building an colony (spacestation) in space with an population of a nation might take sometime to build even building an healthy nation on mar will be also.. I'm saying if your 15-55 or whatever and you kinda want to stay alive to see those wonderful days of the future. What are you doing to see those days ??? Transhuman waiting to be posthuman,staying healthy for better tech with low risk lifestyle , or maybe cryoncs...Im curious to see your view on this

Jun 28, 17 / Leo 11, 01 08:48 UTC

We will be the first persons. Maybe they can clone us. Then we can see the end of 500 years.

Jun 29, 17 / Leo 12, 01 00:53 UTC

Good point if the tech to download your mind then upload you mind to an clone or artificial body design by your liking. Still I dont see people talking about this,hmmmm.

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Jun 29, 17 / Leo 12, 01 02:57 UTC

I would love to participate in a project that involves AI robots and virtual reality. That would be interesting.

Sep 29, 17 / Sco 20, 01 20:37 UTC

I would love to think that I would live to see some sort of Space Station.  However, unless I could upload my consciousness or be cloned, it is not likely.  The question is; Would I still be "me"/human if I was uploaded?  A clone might have my genetics, but it wouldn't be me.  At 54, I will be lucky if I see us become a Nation.  Even if there was to be a breakthrough, the rich and powerful would control it.  ~Tal  

Oct 4, 17 / Sco 25, 01 15:32 UTC

Hmmmmmm, Almost like an ' Ghost in the shell 'body/upload where I can see things might be heading to.. Doen't matter what age your are... Life be can disappear in an instant... I'm making plans ( A chance ) to have my body cryonic at Alcor... At anytime i can shot,car crash,disease,miss understand and you know act of nature. I would like to see the future but I have to plan for it also to increase my odd..     Do I sound weird by saying it like this ???  Also you look really good at 54..

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Oct 5, 17 / Sco 26, 01 21:52 UTC

There was something like this topic on TED Talk show. Man has show "timeline"/"human life span" graph, and you could see how people start drastickly living longer when industrial revolution started. And from then all to now it's growing slowly but surely. There are some stuffs that scientists doing right now and it looking good. Not only they manage to increase lifespan to animals all way to 75%, tests on mouses show they keeped energetic body like young one!

Oct 24, 17 / Oph 17, 01 21:10 UTC

We are living in an interesting time where there is apparently growing interest in human longevity and anti-aging biotechnologies. The first synoletic drugs (pharmaceuticals that remove senescent cells) are entering human trials. Add in that AI research, nanotech, and quantum computers are starting to bear fruit and are rapidly accelerating in development, we may very well be able to take advantage of perfected forms of these technologies within the next couple decades. It's been postulated by several futurists that the baby boomers will be the last generation to die of old age.

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Nov 1, 17 / Oph 25, 01 09:39 UTC

It is entirely possible that, at some point in the next 20-60 years, Humanity will discover a way to alter DNA in such a way as to prevent/reverse ageing all together. HOWEVER, we ourselves may not get access to this for a while, due to the implications of mass population DNA editing (super soldiers, rich people paying to become superhuman, etc...) and due to several religious groups who will undoubtedly try and suppress this technology as it goes against God/Allah/Whatever it is this week (note: I have nothing against religion, nor do I mean that ALL religions will be against it. I'm just saying that SOME religious groups/individuals will undoubtedly be against it). My advice? Try and live as long as you can, and try to preserve your DNA as best you can.