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Space Instrumentation  

Space Instrumentation is a key survival tool, both for daily life and industries. Space Exploration will involve not only setting up bases beyond our planet but also investing in mining and Industries, as a factor of inherent human materialist ambitions. Space Instrumentation is the future of the measurement and controls too. Basic research into Space Science for the development of new technologies suitable for space is crucial , especially flight hardware and provide support for many space mining/refining missions. The impact of defects of silicon, design &characterization of advanced sensors and development of new or better equipped instrumentation techniques will be needed as to get improved production and optimization of crucial imaging equipment, mining and other refining industries.

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Hi Anyblack! Good night here.

Its really interesting this post issue, do you have any material readings on this topic?.

Im interest in space, almost Im studying System Engineering and I planning for this month take one seminar in Space Tecnology here in my country.

Thanks in advance.


Asg 18, 01 / Jul 5, 17 22:05 UTC

Будущее в космической электронике не на основе полупроводниковых приборов, а за оптической техникой - накопители, преобразователи, вычислители и так далее.

The future in space electronics is not based on semiconductor devices, but behind optical technology - storage devices, converters, calculators and so on.

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Asg 25, 01 / Jul 12, 17 16:00 UTC

ESA and JAXA is moving for testing instruments and physics about quantum communications with nanosatellites in order to reduce costs of future space quantum network

Quantum Zeno Effect also allows quantum communications without transfer photons: https://arxiv.org/pdf/1403.5082.pdf

Asteroids mining is already considered a big business, Luxemburg will develop its own space agency just to do that

Asg 25, 01 / Jul 12, 17 17:22 UTC

Maybe some personal technologies like tracking and communicating via an own Asgardian frequency true satellite?

Grtz, Dirk.

Asg 26, 01 / Jul 13, 17 13:34 UTC

@Dirk, what about setting up Asgardia communications only with quantum encrypted channels?

Jul 9, 01 / Jul 24, 17 03:26 UTC

Quantum  encrypted channels is the way to go for more advanced and safe networks. I would advise strongly that we advance our quantum technological abilities.