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Citizenship of my children  

Hi, fellow Asgardians. I'm was wondering about the citizenship of the future sons and daughters of Asgardians. If i have a child in the future, how will be the process to give him the citizenship? Will it be automatic for having a Asgardian father? I think we need to think of a way of recording the kinship relations of citizens. I hope I expressed myself well. Kind regards, Lucas Matheus.

Jan 19, 17 / Aqu 19, 01 23:46 UTC

Hi Lucas!

Thanks for the question.

Please see the FAQ's on the Asgardia.Space website https://asgardia.space/faq specifically the second point under Online Registration and Citizenship.

"I registered and got my confirmation email. Am I a citizen now? Do I get a passport or an ID?"

"Registration on the Asgardia website makes you a part of the Asgardia community. Once we are recognized, we will post procedures for obtaining citizenship – they will be similar to citizenship procedures in other countries. Once you are a citizen, you will get a passport, like you would in any country."

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hope everyone are doing well.

On this topic, and looking at the FAQ:

I got my citizenship. Are my children considered citizens of Asgardia?

"As per Asgardia’s Constitution, any child born to at least one citizen parent is considered a citizen of Asgardia by virtue of birth. A child born before the foundation of Asgardia may become a citizen the request of their parent(s) who are citizen(s) of Asgardia."

Because I had three children before the foundation of Asgardia, what is the procedure to ask the citizenship of Asgardia for them?

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Aug 3, 18 / Vir 19, 02 15:48 UTC

I am wondering the same? Any answer yet? I have a 5 years old child.


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Dec 25, 18 / Cap 23, 02 14:41 UTC

I will add this question to my "What a New Person Would Like to Know" post as one of the many questions that need to be answered. :)