Jul 15, 17 / Vir 00, 01 14:45 UTC

Revocation of Citizenship in the Constitution  

The Constitution contradicts itself.  It states that citizens have inalienable rights and also says that citizenship can be revoked.  An unalienable right would be guaranteed citizenship.  Where can a citizen vote no for the Constitution? I am asking all Asgardians to oppose the current proposed Constitution until Citizenship is for life unless renounced by the Citizen.

Feb 10, 19 / Pis 13, 03 18:02 UTC

That is a good point. For a digital nation that is asking for €100 for citizenship that's a pretty big oversight. 

Another issue I was thinking about is that for some countries, Brazil and USA for example, taking voluntary citizenship of a foreign nation is possible grounds for loss of the original citizenship. Which is not a problem now, but should Asgardia gain official recognition...