Jul 2, 17 / Leo 15, 01 00:36 UTC

Asgardia Grants!  

I noticed that you can now apply for a grant. What are the rules of the grants. I only see a way to apply but nothing on what the money can or should be used for, how much etc. etc. 

1. Grants usage

2. how to apply

3. How much are the grants worth

4. Rules of the grants, what it can be used on, reporting to Granting authority

5. Progress reports

Any general rules on how to apply and what to put in the grant applications? 

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Jul 2, 17 / Leo 15, 01 11:30 UTC


thanks for this idea! You will find more information about grants under this summarized post from Rebekah:


Best greetings!


Jul 2, 17 / Leo 15, 01 17:27 UTC

Im not applying for a petition, Grants shouldnt need 1000 signatures to approve, only a governing body to review the Grant application, and to either award or turn down the Grant Application. 

If you go to apply for a Grant, it makes no mention of how to do it, nor does it say anything about creating a petition. 

Jul 2, 17 / Leo 15, 01 17:42 UTC

Hi @Davedgreat2000, currently, they are waiting for the constitution to be accepted, and the government to be in place. Here's a comment from the 'scholarships' tab that I believe was to be listed under 'grants' as well:

[As we continue to set up our government, we will also set up Asgardia’s National Bank, which will be responsible for the exchange rate, issue and circulation of currency and bank system liquidity.

Asgardia’s national budget, external financial exchange, the tax system, Asgardia’s public consumption foundations and state charitable foundations will be the responsibility of the Government. Asgardia will also support private and corporate charitable donors and investors.

More information will become available once Asgardians have accepted the Constitution.]

I hope that helps.


Jul 6, 17 / Leo 19, 01 17:12 UTC

Yes I read that, but right now or as the writing of my original post, you can go and apply for a grant. but there are no instructions or rules in place. I will just wait until those come out and the National Bank is in place. 

Again there is no information coming out from the founder or leadership

Jul 7, 17 / Leo 20, 01 02:23 UTC

This feature is not yet active on the website. This is why there is no information or direction listed yet. When the feature is activated, there will be further information posted to assist any member who would like to apply.

Jul 7, 17 / Leo 20, 01 16:55 UTC

Sounds good, thank you

Dec 20, 17 / Cap 18, 01 18:59 UTC

Grants is the great way to boost pragmatic work of Asgardian citizens, yes. I'm curious when it goes live? After elections? Later?