Dec 11, 17 / Cap 09, 01 06:31 UTC

Developing a budget  

While this may seem like it's too early to start this topic, I think we need to start looking at what the budget for building a space station would be. The sooner we start this process, the sooner other pieces of the puzzle will start to get pulled in and a plan will develop. Ultimately the budget needs to be based on what we can reasonably foresee being able to have for funding, and we will have to develop plans for the station that fit that budget. Of course, the first topic in this is determining the size of the station. How many people will it be designed to support? Is it going to be developed to support 100,000 people or 1,000,000 people? Will all living space and all space for business be sold to new residents or investors right away, or will the nation retain some of that space? Ultimately only those spaces that are paid for up front will contribute the construction of the society. Will wealthy individuals be offered the better locations (those with a view) for a premium cost? What will an average home cost? What will a premium home cost? How many will there be of each? Naturally, these aren't black and white numbers as home sizes will necessarily vary, but we can probably establish an average unit cost. Similarly, how many businesses and business locations will be purchased initially? Will there be premium locations with a larger cost, such as those right on the main walkway area or ones in business courts? How about businesses with window views? Hotels will no doubt want to offer some rooms with windows as they will be able to charge a premium for that, but how much of a premium would they be willing to pay for that? What other sources of income can we expect? I know all of these are pure conjecture at this point and I am suggesting we operate based on assumptions of how many people and businesses we will have, but ultimately we need to start somewhere.

So, first three questions are:

How many people are we building this station for?
Will there be options for premium homes and business locations that will have a sizable cost?
What other sources of revenue might provide a notable increase in the budget for building this?

Note that this assumes that the station will largely be paid for by people buying units within the station either for homes or for businesses. I make this assumption because it is the only source of revenue I can think of that will be substantial enough to fund the construction of this station. I am also assuming that tourism will be an active part of this station's economy. As I think through development and the years beyond the construction, these both seem like safe assumptions, but others may disagree.

Dec 15, 17 / Cap 13, 01 06:17 UTC

hello stephen
I think it's a good idea to develop the budget and I would like to put forward a transparency law.

all expenditure of income to the asgardia coffers from donations, taxes and investment of citizens must have a summary of investment of public access to citizens.

hola stephen

Creo que es una buena idea desarrollar el presupuesto y me gustaría presentar una ley de transparencia.

todo el gasto de los ingresos a las arcas de asgardia de donaciones, impuestos e inversión de los ciudadanos debe tener un resumen de la inversión de acceso público a los ciudadanos.

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