How could we use currency in a way that doesn't incure debt but build towards something that would better our entire species? Something that grows alongside a population in a symbiotic relationship versus a parasitic system

Why would we want a society where the value of our money is based on debt or gold

Both incentives working... Slaving... For two pretty much worthless things in relation to progression of our species... Why not have our money backed by something that directs our species towards an overall goal, or like a community surplus, where we can all get out what we put in, barrow more for when we need it (within acceptable means in some agreed upon structure). Yet still be able to provide the basic essentials for the impoverished to make an ever increasing standard planetary quality of life. Something that will bring equality for all walks to pursue a better life.

If it's true what they say about .1% owning 90% of the worlds wealth I can truely see this being a possibility if we can put aside our focus on bettering me, myself, & mine but rather know we are taken care of at a basic level so we can contribute to the greater good.

Please tell me what ideas you may have!