Peace in space. What is more important? For if it is true that evil has, for a purpose, been given dominion over Earth and the inhabitants thereof, where then, might peace be accomplished?

Some might say that it is preposterous to claim that evil exists at all. How then, is the absence of peace even a possibility? How is anything less than peace existent upon the face of the Earth? For the fulness of peace to exist, there needs be no evil.

Thus it becomes apparent that the mission of peace in space is synonymous with the mission of an absence of evil in space - and if, as I would argue, the future of space is synonymous with heaven - the mission then also is synonymous with the pure goodness of heaven or the holiness of mankind in heaven.

The goal, then, is to ensure access to space is acquired through a standard of holiness that must be met. For anything less would be to compromise on the very Supreme Value found in the Constitution of Asgardia on which I would argue all the others rest: "peace in space..."

We find here, however, a contradiction within the very Constitution itself. For if we strive to meet the very next Supreme Value, that is, "ensuring equality of opportunity in space for all Asgardian citizens," we might very well compromise the mission of peace in space.

Imagine, for example, that from the beginning anyone is permitted to become an Asgardian Citizen and that anyone who is such is allowed access to space. It is not difficult to determine that someone who has impure motive or intent goes to space and causes havoc there. In such a circumstance, forcibly removing them from space becomes an option; however, peace in space is then compromised and, as a result, changes in who is permitted to space will likely occur.

Why not have the standard of who is permitted into space, then, set from the beginning?

I would argue that we should be determining standards for morality, for belief, for values, for intent, for motive, and for desire today. For if we wait to do so only after peace in space has been compromised, we may compromise the entire mission of Asgardia and the future of humanity into the heavens.

What, then, should these standards be? How will we determine who is permitted into Asgardia? Morality needs be clearly defined. Righteousness needs be understood. And any man or woman permitted into Asgardia should meet a standard of morality and personal righteousness, to include beliefs, values, intents, motives, and desires, that meet the needs of Asgardia and are conducive to the Supreme Value of peace in space.

Let us today set out to define these moral and righteous characteristics! Comment on what entails morality and what standard of morality should be met before one is allowed access into Asgardian territory. To Asgardia!