Hi guys. Recently I reminded myself about being a citizen of Asgardia, and found a message in my profile:

Dear Asgardian, as one of the very first 100 000 Asgardians you are exempt from paying the civic fee in 2019. Please visit your profile, fill in all mandatory fields and accept the Constitution to claim your benefit. Thank you for your support!

When I tried to use my benefit I could not. And contacting support solved absolutely nothing. Last message I received was:

Dear Sergey,

You are referring to the message sent a year ago. This information was actual year ago.
You had to vote for the Constitution after receiving that message last year. Now this information is not actual.
Acception the Constitution and voting for the Constitution are the equivalent terms.
So, I repeat that now you can not apply this privilege anymore.

Asgardia Web Support Team

What are you doing, guys? Why are you making such an ugly support for your citizens? I received no information about the limitations or the information Olga provides me now. Do you think that's the best way to treat your people?