Feb 14, 19 / Pis 17, 03 21:41 UTC

Other engines  

Hello everyone.

This post is made to present ideas of engines, fuel, and technologies for space vessels.

The idea is to find a way -even just an idea- to create an SSTO, environment-friendly vessel. It should at least make sense.
Note: we are not in Kerbal Space Program (I know, it's sad).

*SSTO: Single Stage To Orbit : no booster or part that is used only for launch.

Feb 14, 19 / Pis 17, 03 21:49 UTC

Let me start right away.

rocket engines propel gas at a high speed to the back of the engine. The kinetic energy the rocket gets is proportional to the mass of propelled gas and to the square of the speed of said gas.

The faster the gas comes out of the engine, the more power the rocket has, on an ascending ratio.

The idea is to create an engine that uses super high internal pressure in the combustion chamber, to push gas at an incredibly high speed.
This requires an extremely tough structure, made in an extremely tough (composite) material.

Apr 9, 19 / Tau 15, 03 16:24 UTC

A single stage would be preferable,...but presents too many obstacles given current fuel technologies.