Jul 25, 18 / Vir 10, 02 18:23 UTC


Are there other sources of the pale-blue gases like ozone3 in space?

If not, with what kind of blue gas could we replace it?

Grtz, Dirk.

Oct 5, 18 / Sco 26, 02 11:26 UTC

doe splae blue mean the sighting of oxygen , becuase i am not sure ofthe reaosn , but if it is , like mars it coul dbe deep in caverns form the massive split in it, whic suggest it was still hot moving out in its orbit and was ripped open before coolling down, so potenially ( and i know that all of that is hypothectical stuff) the underground on mars could stillhave a real world of caverns suporting the gases and mixes of gases that could have life,  imean we barely have thrwon a ballonit. bbut externally the mapping section has better maps of mars then earth. so not on the land there some potenial on mars ,just dont go near the caves , at night ,,,  

Dec 20, 18 / Cap 18, 02 14:57 UTC

Great Post thank you

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