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As we all know things are spinning in the universe. Like i can read it is possible to calculate the gravity of black-holes but do we also know there spinning speed? I guess if you have a heavy core that is spinning very fast that this is a big additional force to take into account when objects are near a black-hole. It could maybe lead to a theory that the spinning is part of the darkness if the speed is higher then the speed of light for example.

Grtz, Dirk.

Jan 26, 19 / Aqu 26, 03 09:29 UTC

If we are right about the speed of light, nothing could spin faster than the speed of light. Also when centrifugal forces would go up exponentially, so gravitional forces have to ramp up as well or the black hole would fly apart. So I stick to the gravitional force as the culprit why light can't escape when crossing the event horizon.

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