The site needs a page dedicated to a timeline of happenings along with a list of the next projects that are being done.

USE CASE: As a new person to Asgardia, I need to see a timeline of the events that have taking place so far in one easy to find location and be able to see what projects the Asgardia is working on next, along with what's in the works for the future, and in what general order those things should be happening.


Date: This happened

Date: This happened

Date: This happened

Date: Constitution formed

Date: Parliment Formed

Date: Head of Nation inaugurated

What's Next: 12 committees are to be formed in the following areas: ------, ------, ------, -----, etc. 

What's after that: -----------

What we'd like to do: -------- (optional)

What we've recently completed:  ------------ 

What we're immediately working on next:  ------------

Having a page dedicated to this will help give all Asgardians a better picture of what's happened first, and what's on deck to happen next. It will answer many questions by many people, and show that Asgardia is being transparent (without giving away classified information) to it's residents, citizens, and followers. It will also PREVENT unnecessary support questions, unnecessary disgruntled individuals, and reduce any strain currently placed on Members of Parliment may be experiencing when trying to answer questions.