For now, if you want to change your password it apears the only way is to:

  1. logout.
  2. press "Forgot password"
  3. Enter your emailadress wich you used to register on
  4. Click on the link in the email: "We have received a password change request from you"
  5. Enter your desired password

    My suggestion is to write out this procedure or allow us to change our passwords while being logged in. As the Asgardian laws on security should state, 2FA (two factor authentication) as well as email proof of identity may be required before changing passwords, a hint to this already inplace method of changing passwords is very welcome.

    I hope my suggestion allows us for a debate on said topic or atleast idea on the current design from the website builders/maintainers.

    Also, my first topic on this forum :D hello ;)