Jul 31, 17 / Vir 16, 01 08:22 UTC

look people we all are of different countries on earth and different religions we follow.  

i am proud of where i am from on earth, you can be proud of your origin on earth your religion i have no problem.

i never ask to follow my religion or so to anyone because its a choice what you follow , its individual's choice so i why should i interfere ?

if you like something you will follow it if you don't you won't.

all asgardians i respect you all and for me you all are equal and  i will follow my religion and you follow yours if you ask me something about my religion and if you curious enough to know ,if you willing then only i will tell you else ,

you follow your religion i follow my religion i have no problem .

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-Syafriza Bakri, July 31st 2017, 11:52 AM UTC

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