The only one star that borns in the morning, is the SUN. That why the old ones called it like: "Morning Star",  So, the myth of a morning star, is just the born of the sun

That's why the Sun is a reference to Jesus, Hórus, Mitra, Arjuna, They are always represent with some "solar aura" around their heads So, any messiah, messenger of god, in this world, is represent by a SUN

As well, the SUN was our first GOD beyond Earth things, likes nature, leaves, flowers, thunder, rain, animals

So, our SUN is the primeval GOD 

All Calendars of the time are based in 3 events

The cicle of the Sun (his orbit)

The cicle of the Moon (orbit around earth)

The cicle of the Earth (things on earth nature)

This are the 3 stones

The three principles of ASTRONOMY

in around 8000~5000 BC

When the human starts to realize TIME, he made this 3 STONES, to countdown time