Nov 4, 17 / Sag 00, 01 14:47 UTC

I do alittle art  

I'm not very good due to so many responsibility I have at the moment which I so little time also working on graphic design later down the road.....         

Nov 5, 17 / Sag 01, 01 04:21 UTC

It would be nice but theres alot more pictures there if you look under fold there... People seems to like the indian I drawn " Last of my kind " is there at the bottom... Some stuff I made is for people 18 years old, So it be fine to skip afew of those... I give you the pictures without the watermark

Aug 5, 18 / Vir 21, 02 06:10 UTC

I know its alittle late but i will be doing digital lineart later down the road