Dec 23, 16 / Cap 22, 00 07:13 UTC

Asgardian skillset DB  

First, apologies if this would be the wrong section to place this. I'm sure a mod will sort it if not. Give it a week and it can just go into the dead thread bin.

Over in the Ministry of Equity and Resources yesterday a discussion arose ( wherin it was decided it to be sane to have a database for searching for Asgarians by various features: specific skillsets, languages spoken etc.

The reason this has suddenly become your problem is in order to develop something that's actually useful, it'd be a pretty good idea to find out what facets you'd like to search for. Hence this post. Intent is to use replies to this post, here and in other places, to construct the forms to acquire this informaiton, the database to hold it, and the engine to search it.

So, what features would you like to search for in Asgardian citizens?

Jan 1, 17 / Aqu 01, 01 15:30 UTC

Most examples of that I've seen seem to take place form of essay. For ease of data input and future sorting, this was planning to be placed as a database, extracting information from an essay isn't as trivial. Pattern matching is still ofc possible, but the data is in one big glob until you break it down into applicable sections - I was attempting to find out which facets would be of use within the realms of youth involvement.

For example, somehwere else it was suggested: Age, gender, height and weight. and other skills, such as swimming lessons. When it comes to constructing a DB, these are easy to impliment as simple fields, swimming lessons potentially existing in a "skills" section where the user can be presented with a dropdown selecting first various fields then specific skillsets from within. Another similar thing to indicate interests in such fields, and levels of involvements.

Do you have any examples of KSA type models that are not in an essay format? or any specific data or data types that you think would be of use to search for?

Feb 18, 17 / Pis 21, 01 07:16 UTC

I think that asgardian skillset database should be something different where the purpose of it should be to develop the skills of asgardians not to filter them based on acquiring specific skills. Asgardia have to follow an employment strategy that every asgardian will get her/his opportunity how less s/he is skillful. Every person has a latent capability which an asgardian policy needs to be followed to burst it and to develop skills for the asgardian person based on the latent capabilities.

I think that the professional and skillful persons will not wait a specific employment strategy to get their opportunity as they will be able to prove their merit. They will be encouraged to take individual initiatives. The Asgardian skillset DB will have various purposes according to the disparities between the asgardians.

Feb 19, 17 / Pis 22, 01 06:13 UTC

No, it should definitely be about finding where in our population base the requisite skills or knowlege lies to accelerate projects. Something concerned with the promotion of development can exist as an additional layer on top, using this as one of many data sources to be able to make an assessment on what they are likely to find interesting - assuming people would need to be told what interests them.

For development of knowlege and skills then this isn't Asgardia's responsibility, that's on the individual. Asgardia should just make it easy for them to persue, should the individual choose for this.