Will defence services be announced in Asgardia too?

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75% Defence services will be announced in Asgardia.

25% Defence services will not be announced in Asgardia.

Feb 1, 17 15:46 UTC

Defence services will be announced in the first space nation  

Asgardia is a first space nation of the world.Government in Asgardia is to be formed in june 2017 so the defence services should be announced in earliest.Temporary government is running in asgardia without securities It will not possible in future

Feb 1, 17 17:41 UTC

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Feb 1, 17 19:18 UTC

Even if the government is suppose to be form in june. To have a security force, it would implement to have a government first. To have a government, Asgardia need to be recognise as a nation by UN members first.

We also don't have any territory to have such need of a security force. The IT team may be the actual ''security'' in regard of the virtual community we are at the moment.

Feb 1, 17 19:52 UTC

Indeed, lacking anything to actually defend, I don't think it'll be featuring too highly on the list of priorities. Considering the needless hemorrhaging of resources just in setting this up, let alone continuing it combined with the glaring lack in being able to attribute for, I wouldn't predict seeing anything like it any time soon.

But I think you might have the government thing a little backwards. To achieve recognition by the UN there must be some demonstrated(by the elections in June) form of government. This doesn't secure recognition within itself, but it's one of the things required before it's even considered.

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Feb 1, 17 20:08 UTC

I'm not sure we should even have a military.

Creating a military force before having the space station operational would not be smiled on by the rest of the world. Where would it be stationed? What would they be doing? We might be branded a terrorist organization or political militants.

Feb 2, 17 01:53 UTC

dear sir Asgardians are living on earth so millitary will be stationed on earth too.Security guards will be on duties like authorities of asgardia. thanks.

Feb 2, 17 01:53 UTC

dear sir Asgardians are living on earth so millitary will be stationed on earth too.Security guards will be on duties like authorities of asgardia. thanks.

Feb 2, 17 14:57 UTC

And where would you imagine them to be stationed? Precisely. Doing what?

Asgardians on Earth currently occupy other countries. How do you propose to insert a military force into multiple foriegn countries without causing conflict? Even more importantly, how are you planning on actually making this work? How are you planning on training, funding and supplying an operable force? Long term as much as the short.

Also, what does the term "a de-militerised base of free scientific knowlege in space" suggest to you, with regards to having military forces, let alone them being used to invade Earth.

Feb 2, 17 16:07 UTC

respected sir, There is a provision of 'ministry of safety and security'announced by our founding father.He annnounced it keeping in mind for equipments, requitment area etc.Security forces will be setteiied down any way .Future planning will clear it .thanks.

Feb 4, 17 15:28 UTC

Where was this announced, precisely? When? I must of missed that.

It certainly needs a lot more planning, for example all the points I've already raised that make such a thing unfeasible at our current venture, or realistically within the next few decades.

Feb 4, 17 15:31 UTC

The defense services if what I would like to see, and how they are going to work

Feb 5, 17 15:45 UTC


Can you bring the link of such announcement please?

I think the whole team would be aware of such announcement since we bring the news from him on the social platform and the forum tho.

Aug 5, 02 / Aug 17, 18 12:51 UTC

Dear fellow citizens,

Some countries have no army is working very well without.

Space by convention is a territory without weapon or army.

Why reproduce what kills thousands of people on earth? Do not we want a better world for the citizens of Asgardia?

What about a civic service? People can help Asgardia and our fellow citizens.