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is a nation of free thinkers representing humanitarian
values and supporting the intellectual and ethical
development of all people.

ASGARDIA is governed by a Council of 12 Ministers.

Acting Ministers are appointed by the Founding Father
for a limited period until the first elections,
which are planned for June 2017.

The following Ministries constitute the
government of ASGARDIA :

1. Ministry of Information and Communication

2. Ministry of Justice

3. Ministry of Science

4. Ministry of Citizenship

5. Ministry of Foreign Affairs

6. Ministry of Finance

7. Ministry of Trade and Commerce

8. Ministry of Youth and Education

9. Ministry of Safety and Security

10. Ministry of Equity and Resources

11. Ministry of Administrative Affairs

12. What other Ministry does Asgardia need? Please suggest and explain in no more than 100 words on Asgardia FB page

Each Ministry fulfills its respective functions and, with the help of Asgardian volunteers in relevant activities, enhances the interaction between Asgardians residing in different countries of the world and develops activities of national chapters.