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Your opinion is very important to determine and analyze the possible system of Solar conversion in open currency markets and its ratio to the main fully convertible currencies chosen by Asgardians for this purpose.

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of Asgardia

The Government is an Asgardia’s supreme national executive body. It is a collective body that comprises the Chairman of the Government, her deputies, and ministers. The framework of the Government comprise 12 ministries corresponding to the permanent parliamentary committees.

The Chairman of the Government is appointed by the Parliament on the proposal of the Supreme Space Council in agreement with the Head of Nation. Ministers may be Asgardian citizens aged between 35 and 60, who have a degree, qualifications, and professional experience in relevant area, and the required physical and mental health to perform the duties of a minister. The Government issue resolutions and other laws within its jurisdiction, in accordance with and for the performance of the Constitution, Head of Nation decrees, Supreme Space Council resolutions, international treaties, and Asgardia’s laws.


Chairman of the Government

Ana Mercedes Diaz Chairman of the Government

Ana Mercedes Diaz was born on March 24th, 1960 in Caracas - Venezuela. She is an activist for democracy, a consultant, political figure, and an electoral specialist with more than 39 years of experience.
She is a firm believer in Elections, Separation of Powers, Alternation, and Human Rights as fundamental pillars of Democracy.

She worked in the Venezuelan National Electoral Council, for 25 years uninterrupted from 1979 to 2004.
She considers that authentic, reliable, transparent and safe elections are the maximum expression of the will of the people.

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Information And Communication

Elaborate, coordinate, and disseminate the information policy of the Government as well the coverage of its activities around the world and in space. Provide Information and Communication Technology (ITC) access to all citizens. Protect the use of information and accuracy of its content.

Mrs. Lena De Winne Acting Minister


Carry out the citizenship law and make it effective as soon as it is approved. (Asgardia, citizenship law 2018). Develop services to help integrate newcomers, support non-profit organizations, and promote social inclusion, engagement and recognition among all Asgardians. To create the bases and platform for citizens to register, obtain identification and eventually issue their passports.

Mr. Ron Schechter Minister

Foreign Affairs

This ministry is responsible for Asgardia’s foreign diplomacy and engagement and relationship with other nations around the world. Constructing the bases for collaboration with other nations regarding the future planning of missions to the Moon, satellites and other planets. Look for the representation in the United Nations.

Mr. Enrique Moncada Acting Minister


Respect and enforce the Constitution, Laws, Rules and Regulation of Asgardia among all its citizens. Provide legal advice and support to the Prime Minister and the cabinet. Maintain the integrity of the constitutionals agreements. Increase the trust in the judicial system of the nation and provide a modern structure.

Mr. Markus Gronbach Acting Minister

Trade and Commerce

Formulate and implement a Trade Policy within the basic framework of policy and strategy to be followed for promoting trade among other nations on earth and space. Facilitate trade and commerce among Asgardian citizens and as a nation with other countries.

Mr. Berk Dalver Minister


Improve scientific research, technology development and innovation. Pioneer educational and training programs for scientific purposes of Asgardia. Create policies to incentive science.

Mr. Floris Wuyts Minister

Youth and Education

Ensure that all Asgardians have access to all levels of education. Establish links with other educational institutions, research and development centers focusing on technology and future of Asgardians. Promote Asgardia values among the youth.

Mrs. Elizabeth Diaz Acting Minister


Encourage the cultural mix though respect and unity. Create events, recreational centers for interaction with other cultures promoting space visions. Establish links to museums, libraries and art schools around the world to promote Asgardia through different activities.

Mrs. Olimpia Niglio Minister

Safety and Security

Develop, peaceful, safe and secure policies for Asgardians on earth and in Space. Protect the integrity and patrimony of our citizens. Preserve order. Be aware of possible risks such as disasters and/or space hazards in order to protect our citizens.

Mr. Philip Appleby Minister


Efficiently and proactively manage and develop the financial resources through active fiscal policies. Achieve development, sustainability, and integrity of the fiscal system in accordance with best practices. Implement and verify a treasury system, debt management, bonds, and issuance of crypto currencies (Solar). Formulation of policies related to Intellectual Property Rights in the fields of Patents, Trademarks and Industrial Designs.

Mr. Leon Shpilsky Minister

Equity and Resources

Creation, support and development of a foreign Asgardian real estate network, embassy premises, representative offices, technical and industrial facilities, ground segment of asgardian space infrastructure, land ownership in different parts of the world, on all continents and in different jurisdictions. Management of state proprietorship of Asgardia in foreign jurisdictions. Rental properties. Providing a full cycle business transactions with real estate and resources.

Mrs. Yana Smelyansky Acting Minister


Formulate and implement industrial and manufacturing policies in accordance with the development needs and objectives of Asgardia. Facilitate the creation of an enabling environment for industrial growth of Asgardia. Promote productivity and technical cooperation. Encourage Foreign Direct Investment and promote Asgardia’s industry.

Mr. Stephane Caiveau Acting Minister


Directive №1 (revised) - Status of the Resident of Asgardia in 2019
Message from Chairman of the Government Ana Merceds Diaz to Nation Officials and Parliament Members


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Lizandra Garriga Executive Assistant
to the Prime Minister


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