The legal system of Asgardia is founded on the Asgardian Constitution. The Constitution takes precedence over all other legal documents and is directly applicable. Asgardia’s legal acts include referendum decisions;

decrees of the Head of State; acts of the Royal Council of Supreme Values; international treaties; laws; acts of Parliament; Government resolutions; National Audit Office acts; prosecutorial acts; National Bank acts; acts of ministries; security service acts.

Yun Zhao

Supreme Justice of Asgardia

Full Biography

In 2003, he graduated from Erasmus University in Rotterdam with a PhD in international law. Yun Zhao started his career at the School of Law of City University of Hong Kong in 2002, where he taught dispute resolution, Cyber Law for Business, Business Law, E-Commerce Law. He later joined the Department of Law of The University of Hong Kong, teaching Introduction to Chinese Law, China Trade Law, PRC Information Technology Law, and Online Dispute Resolution. On 28 February 2006, Professor Zhao became a Council Member of Hong Kong Internet Forum (HKIF).