GOVERNMENT of Asgardia

The Government is an Asgardia’s supreme national executive body. It is a collective body that comprises the Chairman of the Government, her deputies, and ministers. The framework of the Government comprise 12 ministries corresponding to the permanent parliamentary committees.

The Chairman of the Government (Prime Minister) is appointed by the Parliament on the proposal of the Supreme Space Council in agreement with the Head of Nation.


Ana Mercedes Diaz

Prime Minister

Full Biography

Ana Mercedes Diaz was born on March 24th, 1960 in Caracas - Venezuela. She is an activist for democracy, a consultant, political figure, and an electoral specialist with more than 39 years of experience.
She is a firm believer in Elections, Separation of Powers, Alternation, and Human Rights as fundamental pillars of Democracy.

She worked in the Venezuelan National Electoral Council, for 25 years uninterrupted from 1979 to 2004.
She considers that authentic, reliable, transparent and safe elections are the maximum expression of the will of the people.


& Communications

The Ministry of Information and Communications develops, coordinates, and propagates the information policy of the Government and its activities around the world and in space. It is also within the Ministry’s competence to provide Information and Communication Technology access to all citizens, and protecting the use of information and accuracy of its content.

Mrs. Lena De Winne



The Ministry of Citizenship is responsible for effecting the Asgardian citizenship law of 2018. It also provides newcomer integration services, supports non-profit organizations, and promotes social inclusion, engagement and recognition for all Asgardians. The Ministry runs the citizen registration platform, assists obtaining identification, and eventually, issues Asgardian passports.

Mr. Ron Schechter


Foreign Affairs

This ministry is responsible for Asgardia’s foreign diplomacy and engagement and relationship with other nations around the world. Constructing the bases for collaboration with other nations regarding the future planning of missions to the Moon, satellites and other planets. Look for the representation in the United Nations.

Mr. Eric Yong-Joong Lee



The Ministry of Justice is in charge of teaching the citizens to correctly understand, and apply, the Constitution, Laws, Rules and Regulations of Asgardia. Its responsibility also includes providing legal advice and support to the Prime Minister and the Cabinet of Ministers, as well as maintaining the integrity of constitutionals agreements.

Mr. Markus Gronbach


Trade and Commerce

The Ministry of Trade and Commerce formulates and implements Trade Policies within the basic framework of policies to promote trade among all nations on earth and in space. Its key task is to facilitate trade and commerce among Asgardian citizens, as well as of the Space Nation’s commercial relationships and processes with other countries.

Mr. Stephane Caiveau



The Ministry of Science’s responsibilities include scientific research, technological development, and innovation. Within its expertise lies also the development of innovative scientific programs for education and training, as well as introducing and implementing scientific polities in Asgardia.

Mr. Floris Wuyts


Youth and Education

The Ministry of Youth and Education ensures that all Asgardians have access to all levels of education, connects educational, research and development institutions, focusing on technology and future of Asgardians, and promotes values of Asgardia among the young.

Mrs. Elizabeth Diaz



The Ministry of Culture encourages creative collaboration though respect and unity by organizing events and setting up recreational centers for other cultures to mix and promote space vision through art. The Ministry forms, and maintains ties, with museums, libraries and art schools around the world to promote Asgardia through different activities.

Mrs. Olimpia Niglio


Safety and Security

The Ministry of Safety and Security develops peaceful, safe and secure policies for Asgardians on earth and in Space, protecting our citizens’ integrity and patrimony. Maintains order, awareness of potential danger like disasters and/or space hazards to ensure protection of citizens.

Mr. Philip Appleby



The Ministry of Finance is responsible for efficient and proactive management and development of financial assets through active fiscal policies. Its key tasks include, introduction and maintenance of the treasury system, management of debts and bonds, and issuance of the Asgardian cryptocurrency, the SOLAR.

Mr. Leon Shpilsky


Equity and Resources

The Ministry of Equity and Resources' goals include establishment and support of Asgardia’s infrastructure in space and on Earth, including management of its assets in foreign jurisdictions, contracting with official appraisers to evaluate potential investment objects, real estate and resources, and registration of its ownership rights in various jurisdictions.

Mrs. Yana Smelyansky



The Ministry of Manufacturing develops and implement industrial and manufacturing policies in accordance with the Asgardia’s needs and objectives in terms of development. Within its scope of responsibility lies facilitation of creating an enabling environment for Asgardia’s industrial growth.

Mr. Igor Chikin


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