Apr 30, 17 / Gem 08, 01 16:02 UTC

12 Jobs To Expect in the Space Industry in 30 Years  

Space exploration is a highly technological, scientific industry that creates jobs worldwide and shows revenue of billions of dollars. Modern aerospace careers include engineers, scientists, technicians, computer programmers, pilots, mechanics, graphic artists and administrators and many others. Careers specific to space exploration include those in the physical sciences,  such as physics, biology, and chemistry. Its economic sector is  growing quickly with increases in 4 percent in 2013, to a record $314 billion. Such growth continuously tempts entrepreneurs to get an early start in an industry that is expected to double its employment in the next 10 years. We have made a list of jobs that will be created by space exploration and space flight industry in next 30 years.

  • Lunar outpost life Systems maintenance engineer
  • Lunar Shuttle pilot
  • Extraterrestrial outpost architect/builder
  • Astrobiologist 
  • Orbital farmer 
  • Space tour guide
  • Space communication specialist
  • Orbital bio environment creator
  • Asteroid hunter 
  • Spacenet provision specialist
  • Orbital debris disposal specialist
  • Orbital rehabilitation specialist

Please share your thoughts about future space related jobs that will be of demand in next 30 years in Facebook group and forum.

Apr 30, 17 / Gem 08, 01 16:03 UTC

I'm up for the "orbital farmer" one.

Apr 30, 17 / Gem 08, 01 16:17 UTC

May be it will be on demand in less than 30 years~