Asgardia, The Undying Hope

In a way, all of us who were drawn to a prototype of a nation announced by a scientist most of us did not know were deeply displeased with the status quo of our respective nations.

We were all aware of the prevailing corruption in the political class and the interweaving of conveniences between the major international economic interests and that.

These motifs added to a social conscience led us to support a project defined by two or three sheets: a philosophical concept, a social structure slightly outlined leading each of us to a visualization of a very own utopia and promises of building a space platform, which science fiction lovers soon rationalized as a new home for themselves or their descendants. And so the dreamers, the doers, and the freedom’ lovers were attracted.

Since one of the main philosophical concepts of the Asgardian nation is  "Peace in Space" it is strange that the name of the nation, "Asgardia" takes as reference the dwelling of the warrior Gods of Norse mythology, the Aesir. But this apparent contradiction might have been purposeful. The concept of warrior, which is implicit in the choice of Asgardia with its Aesir warriors to define us as a nation, seems to call the archetype of the warrior in all of us, that is, the spirit of leadership that is essential to all explorers of new territories.

In Asgardia we are all Earthlings, without Earth nations divisions. This is an essential concept and it will define whether we will succeed in building a true nation, or we will stay dreaming of. This is because no nation can maintain its integrity without feeding what unites its citizens.

Only six months have passed, hope does not want to give up this announced project.


Ana Godinho

Chapter Advocate


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