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ASGARDIA – May 14, 2017, 12:46 AM (EST USA, All dates are Gregorian calendar dates). Portuguese-speaking Asgardians now enjoy access to a project developed especially for their needs called Asgardia News Brazil (ANBR).  

The ANBR is an autonomous news agency that aims to produce and translate Asgardia-related news for the Portuguese-speaking world.

The site,, is already operational, and one can find all the decrees translated to Portuguese with links to the original documents in English, among other articles of interest.

The team in charge of the initiative is comprised of four talented Asgardians: Ana Godinho, Humberto Guttau, Leonardo Vicente Espadrezani, and Issacar Brunow.

The team lives in Brazil, and they want to operate as an independent entity while still being recognized as a project by Asgardians and for Asgardians.  

Issacar Brunow, who is a computer engineering student, said in an email to ANN that he has been fascinated with the Asgardian project and wanted to help as much as he could.

“… When some opportunity emerge[s], I try to help…” Brunow said.  “We operate with translation of articles, decrees, adverts or news of Asgardia.”

Brunow thinks the ANBR has great potential to become a strong source within the Portuguese-speaking Asgardian community.

Ana Godinho is a medical doctor with a very impressive track record.  She has been involved with the Asgardia project since October of 2016 when she first heard Dr. Ashurbeyli’s Paris announcement.

“When Humberto idealized the creation of ANBR, I immediately made myself available for what was needed.” She explained.  

Godinho saw the importance of the project immediately.  

According to her experience, the majority of the population in Brazil does not speak English. And the number that does speak English does not speak it very fluently -- making Asgardian news and related communications inaccessible for them.

In Asgardia, the Portuguese-speaking population is about 5 percent, according to the reported statistics.

“This isolates more than 5% of the Asgardians in the decisions of an entire nation.” Godinho said.  “Obviously, one would have to do something to avoid discrimination.  “These discriminations that are in the concept of the Asgardian nation [sic] as positions to avoid.”

Leonardo Vicente Espadrezani is a lawyer who specializes in commercial and criminal law.  He is a very active member in the Asgardian forums and hopes the Asgardian nation will grow and develop into a reality for all Asgardians

In his email, he said: “… When Humberto called me and commented on the project he had in mind – the ANBR (Asgardia News Brazil) -- and asked if I would like to join him, I didn’t think twice and jumped in.”

Espadrezani envisions that one day ANBR will become the official outlet for Asgardian media in Brazil, but for now he is just eager to work within his small team to help the project grow.

“Now we finally have the chance to allow all the thousands of Asgardians and future Asgardians (especially Brazilians) who only speak Portuguese to understand, learn and join the great and massive Asgardia project.” Espadrezani concluded.

Humberto Guttau is the initiator of the project. He is a university student seeking a degree in business administration.  

“My initiative and project come basically from the conception [sic] that we certainly need independent media to get Asgardia developed.” Guttau told ANN in an email earlier this week.

Guttau does not want ANBR to be an official channel, but an independent channel with clear ties to Asgardia simply because he feels that to become official he will need to expand his team.

He said, “We are too short on staff members to go official now - this is our main problem. Nevertheless, we would love to… In the future.” 

If you speak Portuguese and are interested in participating in the project as a volunteer, please contact ANBR at

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