Censorship laws in Asgardia needed or not needed?

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29.6% Yes

70.4% No

Jan 16, 17 / Aqu 16, 01 10:16 UTC

Censorship laws are they necessary and how will censorship be handled in Asgardia?  

Hello all, I was thinking about something that has an impact on the arts and everyday life and that is censorship. I often question the efficacy and if there is any reason to censor things. Personally, I do not think so and do not see the purpose censorship serves other than. To control what people see and hear from television, radio, and other entertainment sources. As I though more on the subject I found myself wondering will there be such useless concepts such as censorship in Asgardia. I hope not because censorship laws limit a person's creative freedom and treats people like children who are not. Mentally stable enough to not be traumatized by things like words, the human body, and other things that are ultimately non harmful

Jan 17, 17 / Aqu 17, 01 01:50 UTC

Depends on what should be censored and what shouldn't be censored for example we shouldn't censored news that we all have the right to know for example murders, cases of corruption or things like that but a thing that should be censored could be the Gore things and those extreme scenes that could cause us some mental damage but that's a thinking for my part.

Jan 23, 17 / Aqu 23, 01 01:13 UTC

Hola, buenas noches. Yo creo que la censura no es necesaria. Todos tenemos las mismas capacidades, y todos hemos crecido en ambientes censurados. Sabemos lo que puede lograr la censura. Reconocemos que afecta nuestra capacidad crítica y nos desvincula socialmente. La censura restringe, prohibe, oscurece el pensamiento, no permite afrontar los problemas ni resolver las dificultades. Las situaciones grotescas, que puedan causar demasiada conmoción, deben llevar una advertencia para el espectador, pero aún así no deben ser restringidas porque ellas pueden ser motivo de avances críticos, nuevas formas de persepción o acarrear consensos.

|------ Hello Goodnight. I think censorship is not necessary. We all have the same capabilities, and we've all grown up in censored environments. We know what censorship can achieve. We recognize that it affects our critical capacity and socially disengages us. Censorship restricts, prohibits, obscures thought, does not allow us to face problems or solve difficulties. Grotesque situations, which can cause too much commotion, should carry a warning to the viewer, but they should not be restricted because they can be the cause of critical advances, new forms of perseption or consensus.

Feb 8, 17 / Pis 11, 01 16:42 UTC


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Mar 18, 17 / Ari 21, 01 03:20 UTC

People could choose what they like and what they refuse simply visiting their own AsgardIan profile.

Alghoritms can refine our needs and preferences and add filters to our e-reality. It's the same concept we use when create a social profile and choose to manage our privacy settings.

Do not spend resources in censoring stuff, let's invest our time in teaching people how to understand and manage their personal world

Mar 21, 17 / Ari 24, 01 13:52 UTC

I disbelieve that censorship is necessary. Content which might be offensive should simply be identified. Those who do not wish to hear the content should be able to avoid it.

If someone is providing content without appropriate identification or the ability for others to avoid it, THEN they have violated free speech rules and should be appropriately dealt with.

Mar 26, 17 / Tau 01, 01 19:52 UTC

Censorship is not a quite good way of describing what we need. When we talk about censorship things like news and information and the act of blocking access to these comes to mind. While what we actually need is a mechanism that protects minors from violent and obscene scenes and also gives the choice to everyone else whether to view any content marked as offensive in any type or not. So obviously the answer to censorship is no.

Apr 5, 17 / Tau 11, 01 12:59 UTC

What are we talking about? We need to set an environment, the question is not clear enough.

When it comes to media, censorship is not always bad, for example it can be used to protect children and people that otherwise would be defamed, and ruined for life.

It's not easy to set the parameters, that's the problem. Don't think about the world and its problems as "black" or "white", it would be too easy to create the perfect society if that were the case, and that's why many citizens are easily corrupted by the lies of politicans.

Apr 5, 17 / Tau 11, 01 13:14 UTC

It seems there is some confusion between censorship and classification.

Classification is the system used to identify content appropriate to age so informed decisions can be made about what is appropriate for children. Censorship is the supression of free speech.

I'm a big yes for classification and a huge no for censorship.

Apr 5, 17 / Tau 11, 01 20:55 UTC

Not to censorship as far as this Asgardian is concerned.

Apr 19, 17 / Tau 25, 01 18:54 UTC

I am a artist myself but I feel censorship is needed for depending on what it was like is needed if it's religious or standing or meaning.

Jun 1, 17 / Can 12, 01 01:33 UTC




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Jun 1, 17 / Can 12, 01 06:26 UTC

How ironic! A post to a thread about censorship has itself been censored.

Jun 1, 17 / Can 12, 01 13:07 UTC

I am glad it did.

This brings up the very point of why censorship is counter-productive. As a curious-minded individual, I want to know what that last bit was. I do not care if it was illegal, immoral, or heinous. I am just wanting to know the end of the thought.

It would be simpler if the post was edited to put the censored speech behind a spoiler or something, where one would be warned that it may be offensive or illegal, and then allow the individual to decide whether or not to look and see. 


Jun 4, 17 / Can 15, 01 05:08 UTC

Jason was joking: point 5.a doesn't exist in CoC. ;-)