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Asgardia Article in the Room: The Space Journal Winter 2017 issue  

Hello Asgardians!

The most recent issue of Room: The Space Journal contains an amazing article about Asgardia and some more information on the building of our nation. Also, many of the amazing staff who were currently working with the team at the time of the writing of this article have received a mention.

I'd like to commend all of the current moderation and volunteer teams and the amazing Asgardian community for your collaboration and amazing contributions to building the nation. Let's move forward and build something that the future generations can be proud of!


Kind regards,
Rebekah Berg, Lead Community Administrator, Asgardia

Feb 1, 17 / Pis 04, 01 00:04 UTC

Interesting read. Thanks for sharing. :)

Feb 1, 17 / Pis 04, 01 05:28 UTC

thank you :)

Feb 1, 17 / Pis 04, 01 14:59 UTC

very useful information-https: //room.eu.com/news/asgardia-the-new-space-nation

Feb 3, 17 / Pis 06, 01 09:30 UTC

Viktor70, it seems to me that it is strange article. There is no 150 million asgardians and there is no plan to launch space station for some of them

ASGARDIA IN SPACE 1. Will I get to go to space? When will I go to space? No. Or most likely — no. So far, Asgardia has plans to launch satellites and unite people from all over the world as the first space nation — but it is not yet possible to just move everyone to space. So no, there are no plans to take Asgardians to space at this time. https://asgardia.space/en/page/faq

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Feb 3, 17 / Pis 06, 01 10:22 UTC

Oh, there's definitely plans. Some might be less "official" than others, some have better merits than others - but there's plans. That statement is possibly just a reaction to that. Of even greater example is the desire to taste the fruits of those plans.

This is definitely the sort of thing that would want planning, too, there's a lot of problems that need solving before starting. Just from a safety aspect. Mine doesn't entertain concepts like "some of" - unless being able to account for everyone, I'd not see any point in starting.

Feb 3, 17 / Pis 06, 01 11:28 UTC

EyeR, do you mean also that instead of official data that today there is 164147 asgardians there is some non-official information about 164147000? The article non-officialy inform us about 150 000 000 asgardians.

Feb 3, 17 / Pis 06, 01 11:29 UTC

Thankyou :)

Feb 3, 17 / Pis 06, 01 12:04 UTC

I'd suggest the vast numbers to be a typographical error - remove a few zero and it's about right for current population, when that was written. Maybe it's possibly accounting for numbers that are predicted for by the time it's feasible to begin construction on such facilities, it's unlikley to be any time soon. The earliest to hope to have anything habitable in orbit would be about 2020-2025 when the ISS ends it's service life and NASA move out. Quite a lot of equipment will still have service life and NASA have expressed interest in other people continuing the use of facility - it'll make it easier for them to reach the cislunar base they'd like to be building to practice "deep space" operations precursor to manned Mars missions - and that's best described as a "few modules floating through the upper atmosphere" more than a "station", it's going to be unsuitable for a lot of things, least of all mass habitation, or even long term habitation - simply scaling that architecture is unlikely to be feasible. I'd predict it's use to most likely be research and development of early space

Feb 3, 17 / Pis 06, 01 12:33 UTC

If you read the strange article, you see that there is no typographical error because its author wrote "150 millions", not 150 000 000. Referring to the first annoncement of Asgardia project at 12.10.2016 by Igor Ashurbeili, who never spoke about such strange numbers.