May 23, 17 / Can 03, 01 20:01 UTC

Join the Conversation on Twitter!  

Hey Asgardia!

Do you have twitter? We'll be sharing an announcement in Hong Kong on June 13th! Before then, we want all Asgardia citizens to tell us why they joined #VoicesOfAsgardia. Join the conversation on Twitter!

Did you know we had TWO official twitters? Follow @AsgardiaSpace for space news and Asgardia news boosts! Follow @CivicAsgardia for Asgardia news and community updates!

Kind regards,
Rebekah Berg
Head of Community Affairs
NGO Asgardia

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Jun 21, 17 / Leo 04, 01 07:26 UTC


Jun 21, 17 / Leo 04, 01 08:14 UTC

Sorry but I won't be following it on Twitter or Facebook or any other social media platform, I just don't like nor trust them. I'd prefer to hear about it here if that's ok.

Jun 26, 17 / Leo 09, 01 00:00 UTC

Maybe the solution to @HaddenB's request would be to start a Twitter Mirror thread under News.  Post that go to Twitter could be mirrored there for the non-twits. (Disclaimer:  I'm a twit.) 

Oct 28, 17 / Oph 21, 01 21:35 UTC

I agree with HaddenB, having never joined the twitter bandwagon, just another facebook (but less) IMO why do I need 2? why don't I just get Orkut while I'm at it!!!

There is a plugin by twitter that allows you to easily integrate your feed in HTML - instructions can be found at