Oct 30, 17 / Oph 23, 01 16:39 UTC

Re: PSA - Automatic Removal Process Now in Place  

@Rebekah Berg

The automation of the deletion of "Dormant Asgardians" is the right approach in order to avoid mis-use of the free membership and voting process. 

Nov 19, 17 / Sag 15, 01 15:58 UTC

is automatic removal == expiration of citiscenship ?

Nov 21, 17 / Sag 17, 01 04:03 UTC

Just read this thread.

It's a VERY tricky area to handle if there is to be an argument to be made that Asgardia is a Nation with a Territory that is not contained in an existing Nation/Country.

Are forum "Users" being deleted, or are "Citizens" being exiled (At best, Liquidated is a word that could also be used)?

As a though experiment, or ACTUAL Nation I'm strongly opposed to the permanent removal of "Asgardian Persons" (of which "Citizen" is the only current type) via deletion.

To use an analogy, think of this as an immigration issue. 

By accepting the Constitution you're agreeing to be bound by its terms. That grants you certain privileges compared to someone who has "joined" but not accepted the Constitution.

In many Surface Countries there are Citizens and Lawful Permanent Residents (Labels change, but the concepts are the same). Citizens get to vote and there are VERY few (if any) grounds that can be LEGALLY used to revoke Citizenship Status. 

They can leave the Country for decades, their passport may expire, but they almost always are able to return "Home" (Notwithstanding hurdles to getting home, such as not having a valid passport)

Permanent Residents on the other hand are granted the right to stay as long as they wish, but may lose that status if they're out of the Country for an extended period of time or they are found to be acting in a manner that is not aligned with the values of the Nation. A short visit back indicates they with to preserve their status.

In this context, it would appear to make sense to have a probationary period before full Citizenship is granted. 

If a provisional/probationary Citizen stops entering "Asgardia" (To Be defined in this context) for an extended period of time then your login may be suspended, but all traces of SHOULD NEVER be removed by "The Government". 

If a provisional/probationary Citizen gets rowdy their access can also be revoked (With appropriate legal basis in place). 

A citizen on the other hand should always remain a citizen, but again with an appropriate legal frame work, laws and judicial process some or all of their privileges can be restricted.
Just to be clear, we're talking about introducing a prison system here. Would be nice if we could avoid this...

Instead of removing all traces of a given individual (Which smacks of the "1984" "Memory hole") there should to be a way for individuals to ignore other individuals. 

There's also merit in permitting individuals to have control over who else can see them or their conversations - eg An individual has a right to control what non-state actors can see, and there is a question about what access "The Government" should have to private communications between individuals. Right now there is very little privacy in Asgardia. Do we want this? Is it compatible with our current Constitution & principles?

The downside of all this is it fragments "Society", but so long as those choices are private and personal (ie You can't automatically ignore Groups of individuals) Asgardia prevents a rapid slide into totalitarianism and mob rule.

Anyone else read "Lord of the Flies"?

Preserving an individual from action by "The Government" for expressing their opinions should be cherished, but that freedom of expression does not oblige anyone to read/listen to you.

https://xkcd.com/1357/ says it all.

TL;DR You're free to be an asshole, but you have to understand I am free to ignore you. 

At an individual level that's fine, but taking action as a Nation against an individual is against the current Constitution and Asgardia's principles.