Sep 19, 17 / Sco 10, 01 12:32 UTC

Anyone here interested in interstellar travel?  

Been looking at a bit of nuclear and electro-magnetic propulsion technology lately and been thinking about designing concepts for a interstellar spacecraft designed for long-term travel and large populations. 

What are everyone else's opinions on the concept of one day shooting across the stars in search of a habitable exoplanet?

Nov 24, 17 / Sag 20, 01 22:52 UTC

It sounds fun, but in the long long long term the light cone plays into effect...

Aug 19, 18 / Lib 07, 02 19:33 UTC

That would be awesome dude! Just imagine The feeling when the pilot says: "hang on to your hats, this baby is about to go over the light-speed!"

Pheeew! I'd shit gold right there.