Mar 25, 17 / Tau 00, 01 14:39 UTC

A little question about our body  

Hi i have some question about human body now my age is 18 years old when asgardia start to space my age is over 60 my real question it possible to convert biology body i mean human body to binary data ? i think if ur can do this it will solve problem about people deaths,food,home less, and alot i think if can do Asgardian will have people over 1 million and don't have problem any more except data storage is not enough it a question from kid (me) "Imagination is more important than knowledge." xd

Mar 25, 17 / Tau 00, 01 22:29 UTC

It would be possible to convert much if not all the physical data to binary - the contents of the mind would reperesent the largest challenge. Actually using it afterwards would be a greater challenge.

But there's definitely work on transferring such.

Dec 9, 17 / Cap 07, 01 04:15 UTC

If we taught our bodies to absorb light better, we could reduce the caloric intake that is required to maintain physiological needs.

Dec 10, 17 / Cap 08, 01 05:04 UTC

Converting our body to data?  Well that's a very good question, you're looking at beyond trillions of gigs of information.  You would also need to ensure that every single molecule is correctly translated into data.  Now, if you wanted to abandon the body and simply convert the brain to data, please keep in mind just how insanely complex the human mind is.  Even the tiniest error, and the mind that's uploaded may be completely damaged.  Memories erased, schizophrenic, depressed, etc.  And that's just for starters.  It's a beautiful dream, but right now that's all it is, a dream.  The idea of digitizing a human to that extent is, at this time and current level of technology, completely impossible.  However, in the future, it could be possible once we are able to 100% map out, translate, and understand the human brain in every single detail.  But for now, it's simply beyond our capabilities.

When it comes to humans going into space, at this time, we'll have to physically go.  The likelihood of us coming up with a way to create a form of artificial gravity, that is to simulate the g-forces our body feels on earth so we can survive in areas with lower gravity, is currently underway with results that are quite extraordinary.  Now, as for nutrition in space, there has been a theory that we could, using technology such as CRISPR, alter the human genome and add the DNA of plants within our biology allowing humans to photosynthesize and for our bodies to, in some small amount, produce its own food.  This would be a significant feat if it could be accomplished.  This would mean far less food resources needed for the individual, just water.  However, this would lead to a great many ethical dilemmas as far as genetically engineering a new type of human, so to speak.  But that is a discussion for another time. 

Dec 24, 17 / Cap 22, 01 01:13 UTC

Humans being able to photosynthesize is either a great or terrible thing to attempt