Jul 7, 18 / Leo 20, 02 05:22 UTC

Re:Protein production  

My response to your points number 4 and 5.

I agree on point number four, also the smell would be horrible in a rather closed system. Honestly, I feel like chickens would be less suited to space stations and more suited to livestock for colonizing other planets.

For point five, I think you and I are thinking about different allergies. It sounds like you might be referring to like plant pollen allergies which, while annoying at times, generally aren't dangerous. I'm referring to food allergies. Being allergic to nuts, soy, and the like, many of which are common non-animal sources of protein. Those are common allergies and can be fatal to those allergic.

Jul 10, 18 / Leo 23, 02 07:31 UTC

Probably a stupid thing to bring up here, but... 

We are not in space yet, so how about we concentrate on the things we can test here already and put it to good use? 

We could create mini-home labs (we don't have enough funds to get into space so we don't want to waste it on an expensive earth based lab?). There are a lot of crazily intelligent people here with awesome degrees in science that could/should coordinate the mini-home-labs. 

They know best what is needed to test, but I can imagine there are elements such as: how to grow plants with less water, use artificial light only, fully immersed plants (aquaponics requires gravity, at least the forms that I have seen so far), balance of micro-eco-systems (raise bugs to eat, how much material you need to feed, what can you do with the waste, can you make an eco-system out of that where you can take out which number of the population and still sustain that micro eco-system?) etc... 

If any breakthrough can be made to have a sustainable, light-weight, cheap source of protein, you don't have to drop food out of space where it is needed,... we give them the fishing-rod instead of the fish?