Feb 21, 18 / Pis 24, 02 19:15 UTC

Transhumanism in Asgardia and Legislative Considerations  

For quite some time I wrestled with whether to post this here, in biological sciences, in technology, or ministry of justice > constitution. For now I suppose this is the best option. 

As technology progresses and more synthetics are potentially available to be incorporated into the human body, there could be a point where either 1. AI are considered sentient individuals and petition for their own rights, or 2. Humans are able to move throughout technology in a way that makes their physical form irrelevant (mind-upload etc). Do you feel that the Asgardian constitution is written in such a way as to accommodate for these inevitable situations?

Feb 22, 18 / Pis 25, 02 22:39 UTC

My answer is, yes. 

But still, Asgardia should be very careful with AI. And it is NOT because it will turn in Skynet. Anyway, that is far future... well, a couple of decades and more reseach is needed. (^^)

Feb 28, 18 / Ari 03, 02 05:52 UTC

Short answer no, long answer is no but it is written in a way that it can be amended by the governmental bodies to accommodate what you are talking about here. Progress in AI and such tech is incredible at the moment, and in the next 10-20 years we are no doubt going to see things we only ever thought possible in fiction. I have a feeling that eventually humanity will become a half-human, half-AI hybrid ordeal, much like you mention about mind-upload and synthetics etc. It's fun to speculate about, but hard to come to a conclusion at this point!