Jan 19, 18 / Aqu 19, 02 12:39 UTC

Blog post formatting issue?  

It seems in the last couple days the formatting on blog posts have been bugged. No paragraph separation, no showing of hyperlinks to other weblinks nor images. Everything written in a blog post is shown in one big block of text.

The issues is persistent on PC (Windows) and Mobile (Android).

Anyone have the same problems? I am an active Asgardian contributor working on dedicated projects to build our nation. I hope the IT team can get this fixed ASAP.

Jan 19, 18 / Aqu 19, 02 13:22 UTC

Yes, I am having the same problem.

Jan 23, 18 / Aqu 23, 02 08:03 UTC

Today I am glad to see the issue has been resolved (at least for me). I can finally get back to posting development and project updates on my blog. Thank you to the IT team for getting to the bottom of this.