Aug 17, 18 / Lib 05, 02 11:37 UTC


I've made a donation of 20 euros (~ R $ 105,00 BRL) and pointed me to receive that donation. I'm candidate for Mayor and I need this to pay my fee. I've done this 2 days ago and the donation was not deposited in my profile.

Aug 17, 18 / Lib 05, 02 12:40 UTC

Hi Paulo Roberto Dalmas Junior,

registration fee is 100 EURO. 

You can find this information:

- Elections of Asgardia's Mayors. Frequently Asked Questions -'s-Mayors-Frequently-Asked-Questions

- CEC Rules on holding the elections of Asgardia's mayors -

If you have any question about the mayoral elections please email to

Aug 17, 18 / Lib 05, 02 14:04 UTC

Hi Kudryavtseva, I know that.. but I don't have the entire value, so, I'm getting minimum donations from friends and family to acquire the entire amount.