Jun 30, 18 / Leo 13, 02 21:02 UTC

How to change date of birth?  

I‘ve accidentally set a date of birth to 1st of January, 1984 instead of 22nd of January, 1984 - probably I‘ve just left a default value as is :/ Is there a way to change it? 

Jul 1, 18 / Leo 14, 02 19:31 UTC

Thanks! I‘ve just sent a request there. Btw, it seems that forum notifications don‘t work since I didn‘t get one upon your reply? :)

Jul 3, 18 / Leo 16, 02 10:35 UTC

That same thing happened to me :(

I'm sure I've set the correct date, but then the form complained about the username. After changing the username I didn't checked the rest of the form and later found out that the "day" was changed to 1st.