Hello and welcome to Bug Reports and Support (Website and Forum). As the name implies, this section of the forum is intended for discussions on all bugs (errors, flaws, failures or faults) you might have encountered while browsing the official Asgardia Website and its official forum. We encourage all of you, fellow Asgardians, to swiftly report in this forum any and all errors that we might have missed. If you are in need of technical help related to the website and the forum, this is the correct board to use to request assistance. If you wish to assist a fellow Asgardian in need of help, please be sure to have the technical know-how that could help resolve the problem in question, as faulty suggestions might hinder a positive resolution. Please, if possible, before posting in this forum make sure that the problem you’re experiencing is truly related to the official Asgardia website and/or its forum, and thus it isn’t something affecting your browser or the device you are currently using.

Example of topics that belong in Bug Reports and Support (Website and Forum):

  1. Report of bugs found on the official website (is something not working as intended? Is something that should be there missing? Please let us know as soon as possible).

  2. Report of bugs found on this forum (see above)

  3. Technical help requests (is an error preventing you from using the website or the forum as intended? Are you experiencing unknown difficulties? Please, let us know as soon as possible and we’ll do our best to assist you).

Please familiarize yourself with the Asgardia Forum Rules before posting. Posting in this forum implies that you have read and that you understand the rules and guidelines. Thank you for your interest and for your participation!