Feb 26, 18 / Ari 01, 02 23:39 UTC

New Project - ASGARDIAN BEER  

As I was talking to Mr. Stephen de Rosa (also another biotechnologist), he suggested the idea of creating ASGARDIAN BEER.

And to be honest this is a genius idea, why?

  1. It can become an internationally famous brand (most people like beer) and we have people from everywhere here.
  2. It can generate revenue for ASGARDIA.
  3. It can help ASGARDIA expand.
  4. Professionalism and Commitment will be the key to success.

As a Biotechnology and Bioprocess Engineer in my university days I used to teach courses about making beer (professionally and home brew) so I am very aware of the process itself and how to start/develop/manage. Mr. Stephen was also interested, everyone is most welcome to help.

So today I was at home and started making some sketches about it (production process, types, materials, etc)

The name: ASGARDIAN BEER (it can be different, we have to think about it - suggest your idea in the comments)

The logo: well I'm no designer so I don't have to skills but I would suggest creating a contest for the best design.

What we will need to start:

  1. The heads of our nation to embrace the idea,
  2. Project funding,
  3. Select a location,
  4. Start the project.

(Maybe start a crowdfunding campaign?)

Here is my work contact (if you are interested in the project, let me know):




Please, share your thoughts.

For Asgardia.

Feb 27, 18 / Ari 02, 02 04:08 UTC

I would buy , if it's close to say  delirium nocturnum. It is my fav.

Mar 1, 18 / Ari 04, 02 16:27 UTC

You have my support!

Mar 30, 18 / Tau 05, 02 12:30 UTC

Good idea.