I am going to be very honest here with you guys. I know some of you may antagonise or kick against my view. But I will still speak the truth as it is.

My major reason centered on the fact that there is no regulation for cryptocurrencies.

How can someone somewhere in the name of ICO project team, whom you don't even know, some without a verifiable office address, whose presence is just online and the internet, demand your sensitive information including your international passport, government issued ID, proof of your residential address, and other personal information or documents?

What if this person is just a scammer? What if this person works for maybe a terrorist organization who is just looking for real biodata or identities? What if this person is just a criminal looking for ways to fake his own identity and take upon yours or anyone else? What if your verified photograph (face) matching your identity is used in pornography or nudity? What if the data is accidentally leaked? My questions go on and on.

Remember, the cryptocurrency as it is currently has no regulation, as such there is no regulatory body or authority you can petition your grievances or seek redress should any of the aforementioned incidences happens to you as a result of the information you have forwarded. The ICO project team whom you sent your details can as well disappear without trace.

Therefore, as long as there is no Cryptocurrency Regulation, then there should be NO KYC.