My campaign for Strategist involves designing innovative systems and products for Asgardia to allow all Citizens to live prosperously.

I have begun work on designing the physical aspect of Asgardia: Sustainable kinetic energy systems and sustainable residential living space/architecture. Also, I am creating a focus Community within Asgardia that will allow us Citizens to come together and share knowledge and ideas more easily and efficiently, I have designed a flag for this concept Community and is named the 'Novum Society' (Novum is Latin for 'new things').

> Please vote for me if you support my goals for Asgardia.

Central Goals : Unity, Sustainable energy systems, Sustainable Living Space & Architecture.

  1. Asgardia seeks to unite us under 'One Humanity [and] One Unity' and I will assist in accomplishing this goal. We are currently scattered all over the world and the Facebook platform helps connect us but it does not allow us to come together. I want to create a focus Community within Asgardia to help us be more easily connected allow us to share our ideas, knowledge and experiences with each other, bringing us closer to One Humanity.
  2. Sustainable energy is a crucial step towards establishing an autonomous and independent space nation. I am determined and willing to bring innovative sustainable energy systems to Asgardia using design thinking. My current progress is at the research and concept stage of kinetic energy. I am certain my goal will become reality.
  3. Living spaces are necessary to allow Citizens of Asgardia to thrive in space as well as Earth. I am researching and designing micro-living spaces and architecture that is sustainable and provide prosperous Citizen living while reducing the problems of overpopulation and size waste. I am passionate about this area and look forward to presenting my proposals to the leaders of Asgardia once I am Strategist.

Why Me?

Ever since I was a child, I looked to the stars and see unlimited potential for the human race. That is why I am studying Innovation Design, because I want to innovate human society to live in space one day. Currently, I am researching kinetic energy systems and sustainable micro-living spaces/architecture. I have worked in retail for over 2 years, and have found flaws in many of the products and systems we use today and is why I seek to design new products and systems for Asgardia to help all Citizens live happy and prosperous. Right now, I am doing a Bachelor Degree for Innovation and Design at Swinburne University of Technology (Rank #32 in the world for Design) and am happy to pass on my knowledge to other Asgardians to develop our Space Nation, I have a passion to contribute to Asgardia and see us thrive as the first space nation.

My Next Steps as Strategist:

When I have 100 votes and am elected as Strategist for Innovation Design, I shall continue to push for my central goals to be completed. Asgardia is a long way from becoming a full space nation, so we have to do everything we can to make this reality.

My first steps as Strategist will be to:

  1. Unite passionate Asgardians and create a focus Community within Asgardia to bring us closer to One Unity and allow us to more effectively and easily share our knowledge and experiences. 
  2. Gather funding and resources to start prototyping and production of sustainable energy system designs.
  3. Join forces with other passionate Asgardians such as fellow Strategist Ross Cheesright and Trendsetter Jeremy Saget to share ideas and develop new technologies, systems and products for Asgardia.
  4. Work with others at my university campus to promote Asgardia and spark passion for science and space.
  5. Propose design and business proposals to Asgardia NGO founders for approval to test prototypes and funding.

The time to start building our Space Nation is now! If you want to see my visions for Asgardia become reality then please support my campaign to become Strategist.

> Please vote for me if you support my goals for Asgardia.