Jan 14, 18 / Aqu 14, 02 17:51 UTC

Civic Activity Report  

To learn more about how the volunteers and staff of Civic.Asgardia help Asgardia to grow, please read our latest Activity Report (https://goo.gl/jmbq5c). If you have questions or suggestions, please leave your comments below.

Jan 18, 18 / Aqu 18, 02 23:34 UTC

I want more details about the state of software development in the Asgardia. Which projects are developed right now, what are plans/milestones, where to read about these projects (yes, I know about volonteers webpage, but that's not enough). I want to know which technologies are used per project (because I can't participate in any project), what are goals of these projects, how close these projects to completion. I need this information to know which my projects to develop (i.e. write .pdf proposals for).