Mar 20, 17 / Ari 23, 01 18:44 UTC

Civic.Asgardia Activity Report: 19 March  

Hello. This is our weekly activity report based on the minutes from the Civic.Asgardia senior staff meeting over the weekend. Another copy is going into the C.A. Forum.

-- Nik, Administrative Coordinator, Civic.Asgardia.

Mar 20, 17 / Ari 23, 01 18:58 UTC

Still light on actual information.

Technical projects have full support of coders but are short of management

No, coders don't need management. They need problems, and commonly caffine. They then convert this into a solution. They can commonly do this before "management" can even realise there is a problem.

Mar 20, 17 / Ari 23, 01 19:55 UTC

Large emphasis on caffeine, but I think what she meant about the management was more a project manager to delegate tasks to specific coders for specific problems to be worked on.

Mar 20, 17 / Ari 23, 01 20:13 UTC

Better, IMHO, just to list the problems then select from the solutions submitted. You don't instantly narrow your potential.

People can organise themselves, I know it's a strange concept but it happens quite regularly.

Mar 20, 17 / Ari 23, 01 20:30 UTC

Aye, it does. But at the same time it depends on the group of people and the level of self management that they are able to perform. Some people can be excellent at what they do but still need to be pointed in the right direction. As for the list of problems, I think that might depend on the number of coders/programmers we have and the competence/knowledge of each, merely from a time management perspective. Not arguing the point, simply stating my opinion. Say there are 5 problems and we have 5 coders/programmers, each gets 1 problem to work on (instead of assembling a team for a simple matter), each submits their solution to the problem assigned, then before implementation the solutions are looked over by the others, instead of each spending X amount of time coming up with a solution to the same problem. Now if the problem is large in nature, you want everyone on the same page, not off in their own corner bouncing ideas off a wall. People CAN organize themselves, but sometimes someone in a management position over the group is still a better option, again, just my opinion.

Mar 21, 17 / Ari 24, 01 13:05 UTC

If you require a project manager I will volunteer for it.

I am good with communication, organization, and programmers specifically (I am one).

Just give me the details and contact info and I'll take it from there.

Mar 22, 17 / Ari 25, 01 08:31 UTC

Hi Phicksur,

Please send a resume, and a covering letter to ATTN:projects coordinator

Thank you for your interest in joining the Asgardia App team.