Jan 24, 17 / Aqu 24, 01 15:18 UTC

Civic.Asgardia Activity Report  

The Senior Staff of Civic.Asgardia met Sunday for their weekly meeting. Here is the activity report based on notes from that discussion.

Last week, we posted the minutes directly into a Forum post. We lost much formatting.

This week, let's try a view-link to a Google Doc. **Translation staff, Chapter staff - you are welcome to localise this for the members in your forum. Please send a summary of comments back to myself or Rebekah during your weekly census report to ensure we can respond to your chapter's needs.


If there are issues viewing this link, please let me (Nik) know. Thanks.

Jan 24, 17 / Aqu 24, 01 18:41 UTC

Which communication platform does the Civic.Asgardia Staff use?

Jan 25, 17 / Aqu 25, 01 12:57 UTC


We currently use Facebook messenger and are going to be migrating over to Discord.

Cheers, Rebekah Berg, Lead Community Administrator, Asgardia

Jan 25, 17 / Aqu 25, 01 13:17 UTC

Then, let me introduce slack: https://slack.com

It has everything that administration teams need. Even the ability to apply services and custom bots to stream new topics into divisions, to show commits from other web hooks like github, gitlabs, gitbooks and many (100+) other service endpoints, no matter if self-hosted or served as SaaS. From my point of view the free plan of slack will never be out of bounds for what you want to do.

best of luck.

Jan 29, 17 / Pis 01, 01 11:40 UTC

Hello there, I have one question about the reports, is this the first report on google doc?


Roberto Garcia

Feb 2, 17 / Pis 05, 01 11:30 UTC

We currently use Facebook messenger and are going to be migrating over to Discord.

And I bet you wonder why people think you have no clue what you're doing, too.

Why are Asgradian things put into google drive, or google to metric who looks at what, for how long? Without being invasive(and I'm itching to be invasive, just to see how bad it is in there) I can confidently suggest the the 2TB HD in the server hosting this should be able to hold such readily, keeping everything "in house". Same with the comms platform - that has no rights, considering the potential scope of conversations, sitting in a third parties data mine ready for their use. It should be all happening in house - That's how you prevent third parties having access to data they shouldn't have - you don't give it to them willingly. More importantly, why is this happening somewhere outside the ability for the common Asgardian to either review or participate? You shouldn't need to post notes, you need to have everything said and done evidenced. This isn't personal conversation, transparency matters. You can't honestly expect everyone to start using something shady just because you're too simple to see why it's a bad idea to be using it in order to get to this data.

Slack isn't that great. It can do the job, but at what cost... There's a reason that's not open source.

Feb 3, 17 / Pis 06, 01 06:33 UTC

Why slack? Easy: you have all platforms combined (Video- and Audio-Communication, Text based chats, public and private channels, share storage, IRC gateways and much more). Slack's free plan is enough for the needs of such a team.

But, I do agree, having everything in-house is the best approach. An IRC Service would be a good standard for chats and it can be extended with low efforts. If I would orchestrate a project like asgardia, I would place an own server for civic asgardia, integrated into a network of servers who power asgardia.

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Feb 4, 17 / Pis 07, 01 17:35 UTC

"Better" than IRC would be XMPP, IMHO. It can do everything IRC can do. It can do everything slack can do(apart from provide assured privacy risks, unless you aim for this like google talk, whatsapp or FB chat). And it can do more. Being open source, extension is trivial. It's proven itself rock solid in terms of reliability and resilience to assault which is why it's used as the backend for so many other services.

Eventually I'd see a network of servers powering Asgardian services, but for what we need to be doing the existing infrastructure should cope for now. It's not as if we need SIP/VOIP bandwidths for 160,000 users, that can come later.

Regarding sending all the hardware to one address - most unwise - two sets of shipping if for no other reason. It'd be trivial to setup a section in the foum for people to post specs on hardware they're wanting rid of, and other people can simply respond saying they'd like it. I'd not suggest getting second hand hardware in these days of persistent threats as you've no way of telling what they've allowed to adjust the firmwares to their hardwares. Potential infection spread. Most user practices are not entirely clever.

Mar 14, 17 / Ari 17, 01 17:09 UTC

But you must recognize, with FaceBook, Google Drive (and presumably Slack) we'll have a great plus: our (daily incremental) backups will be directly managed, at no cost, by the zettabyte storage farm (called NSomething...) at Fort Meade. ;-)))

Mar 14, 17 / Ari 17, 01 20:58 UTC

Great - now gain access to those "backups".

Mar 15, 17 / Ari 18, 01 16:30 UTC

Where is the problem?!?? :-O
Is just our Ministry of Information and Communication have to write a simple e-mail to Mr. Trump... a soooo gentleman and nice one, which will disclose Fort Meade's secrets for us for sure and for free (in that order ;-))).
Don't tell me you've no faith (or trust) in Mr. Trump, now! :-D

Mar 15, 17 / Ari 18, 01 22:20 UTC

Good luck with that, you'll excuse me if I don't hold my breath whilst waiting for the certificates to be able to log into the VPN and LDAP details to login to their systems once you're connected.