Hello Asgardians!

The first round of quarterly project proposals for 2017 is beginning. It will run from Feb 1 - Mar 31, 2017.

We have developed a project proposal guide that has been approved by Asgardia Official to help the Asgardian community contribute to the building of our nation. This proposal guide helps Civic.Asgardia, the civil branch of Asgardia, to prepare cogent and concise material for review to obtain an official endorsement. The goal of a project proposal is to:

  1. Identify what needs to happen
  2. Explain why it needs to be done
  3. Persuade the reader that your team has wisely considered a problem and has a realistic plan and resources prepared to perform the required tasks.

In addition to having a consistent, attractive appearance, the information should be easy to access. It should be well-organized. Balance an easily scannable overview with sufficient technical details to demonstrate that your team has thought through the process.

Download the Project Proposal Guidelines Document pdf


Prerequisites: Project Leads must be verified Asgardia Members. Only one (1) proposal may be submitted at a time by any member.

Proposal Formatting: Proposals must be submitted in an electronic format following the outline established in this guide. Text must be in English and maintain a simple Arial 12 point, single spaced, 0.5” indents presentation. Accepted submission formats are view-links to cloud storage (such as Google Docs, Microsoft OneDrive) or stand-alone material in a .DOC/.DOCX format.

Organization: Your proposal should have material organized into Front Matter, Main Body and Supporting Documents.

Deadline: Submission rounds occur each quarter of the year. Completed proposals must be submitted by the END date of each round. Proposals received after this date will be entered into the next round. Documents must be emailed to adminteam@asgardia.space with a subject of “Proposal: (title).”

Response: Endorsements will be announced in the months following the submission deadline. Projects requiring funding may require longer deliberation time. Proposals not meeting these guidelines will be returned or rejected at the discretion of the reviewers.

Let's get to work Asgardians!

Kind regards, Rebekah Berg, Lead Community Administrator, Asgardia