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Re: Special Committee: Technology For Everyone Program - Community Input  

I think it was more a suggestion to form them.

Feb 16, 17 / Pis 19, 01 14:10 UTC

Can I just add that this an excellent, excellent idea - after all, Asgardians come from a huge range of backgrounds. I refer to a post in this conversation that questioned the idea, saying that most people these days have HDMI technology etc. Is that really true? I would like to suggest that part of this initiative should be to build an idea of the general wealth and access to technology available to Asgardians from different economic zones. I would think such a demographic should be a natural function of our government in any case.

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Feb 16, 17 / Pis 19, 01 15:51 UTC

It's generally true to require HDMI technology because it's not been possible to buy cathode ray devices for some time, and almost everything "panel" based built in the last decade plus or so has HDMI - There's certainly older tech in existence and still in service, but you don't want to aim for lower and I mention HDMI specifically as there's a high percentage chance of featuring connectivity issues with anything lower. Ofc there are converters/adapters but these are generally best avoided if possible as they can cause problems within themselves.

With regards to the technology still in existence from before it's commonality, to ignore the fact that the connections used for signalling fell into disuse, it possibly wants replacing ASAP as the wattage it will consume is likely around double that of a more modern unit so would cost about the display's value anually to run. If "economically restricted" then what it costs to keep it going really does matter.

This is another facet of "upgrades" - the step of processing power increase per watt consumed to do so. And not just with the display. The AMD 9650BE in Prometheus eats 95Watts just on the CPU, that's got to be getting near 10 years old now, some of the latest generation i7 will do more processing in less time from ½ that wattage. In terms of portable equipment or running on UPS that's longer battery life, for static hardware that's doing the same thing for cheaper. At some point you hit a place where it's just not sensible to run the equipment for the wattages it'll consume. I can cluster the stack of machines behind this laptop into a 12Ghz beowulf monster but as they are all ancient what it would cost to run it for a year would just buy a better machine that will eat less physical room and do more.

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Feb 16, 17 / Pis 19, 01 17:40 UTC

I don't have computers or cable but I have the goal of my life to offer.

Build the First Self-Sufficient City.

I am Alexandre Comtois Director of a Non-Profit organization World Solidarity Club which goals is to re-strength cities of the world hit by cataclysm. But I am as well an Earth and Cosmic Ambassador and Star Trekker and these cities would help a lot for Space Cadets and Space Crews Formations for future stations and Spaceships eventually. I can explain everything to those who are interested for details!

Until then I send you Peace Love Health and Prosperity Namaste

Alexandre Comtois Dir. CSM/ Earth and Cosmic Ambassador/

Feb 17, 17 / Pis 20, 01 03:38 UTC

Publicly posting email isn't the smartest thing you could possibly do, on the nicer side bots harvesting for information will add it to lists spam gets sent to it also opens up the possibility for errant users to sign you up manually for things. For more nefarious uses I can see where else that email has been used - in the cases of their database being breached and made publically accessible this may yeild further details, including passwords - policy dependant some current.

Feb 17, 17 / Pis 20, 01 06:42 UTC

I love the idea of technology/knowledge sharing. I would like to see everyone that has a skill set, technology available, or even just there for any kind of support to have a safe and secure place to offer their services, and search for them (Specific secured forum section?). A sort of inside CraigsList, as bad as that reputation is now - trading should be encouraged. This would also encourage Asgardians who are comfortable with this idea, to better communicate and get in touch with those in their area. Security would indeed be an issue, but then again, I'm sure that out of everyone here, someone has the know-how to help in that field too. I don't want to see things fall apart because we watched from a distance, waiting for magic to happen. We need to all work together, teaching, learning, and advancing. An idea/example we could work towards down the line, could be a wireless data light bulb (https://youtu.be/NaoSp4NpkGg). Eventually providing many with more, and potentially cheaper options.

Feb 17, 17 / Pis 20, 01 10:16 UTC

Light for wireless transmission commonly isn't overly optimum least of all for line of sight issues. Especially visible light. Unless you're talking incredibly small data packets that don't really matter if they arrive. "LiFi" was looked at as a way for autonomous cars to "talk" to each other "locally" for traffic sequencing but isn't viewed as overly reliable, and that is kind of a mission critical application. Before the days of things like bluetooth, IRDA was a pretty common "wireless" standard, and when everything was good, it was great. But it was far to easy to move things and screw up a transfer, or get in the way of the beam. For most it possibly failed more times than it worked. Laser works "better" especially over distance as it's a narrower, tighter beam - but still obviously suffers line of sight.

In things like lightbulbs, once it hits a common saturation then there's greater possibility for encroachment on transmission space and interference.

I'm not entirely sure what the goal is here, but to assume it's distribution of network transmission then for cheapness consider the humble ESP8266. A little bigger than a postage stamp and considerably thicker it does 802.11b/g/n - common household wifi, which pretty much everything already speaks - and they can be as cheap as $0.1USD when you buy them by the thousand. Devices with these in can be cheap. They can act as a router/access point/hotspot forming chains of relay/extenders/repeater or they could mesh together and form a wide area distributed meshnet. Just add power supply. As a bonus there's also some spare pins to make it do other things, too, muchly like an an arduino.

Feb 19, 17 / Pis 22, 01 13:27 UTC

Could we add in telescopes and other astronomy gear for those who are interested in astronomy but can not afford it or a sharing program where they can check out equipment to use for a week or two and even have someone go through the basics of using the equipment to help ensure proper use and to help avoid damages to the equipment. or would it be better for me to go to the astronomy forum and try to start up an Asgardian Astronomy club that would pretty much try to do that and more. i got the idea from my local astronomy club where they have a library of equipment to check out and use and offer instructional classes.they also have monthly seminars to teach people about astronomy that is open to the public. this might be the wrong place for this post.

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Feb 26, 17 / Ari 01, 01 19:18 UTC

I'm afraid that we are going to wide so I propose to have clear two or tree sections: 1. what we need, what we can, and what pushing us to the target? for example: our target is not to collect historical information, to copy+paste old and inefficient political structures in our new world-wide (space-wide) organisation .. etc. 1.a Education & Training system to reach close technological education, understanding of the space: physics, dynamics, etc. ... etc. 1.b. To recognize the best talents in each domain and to channelize than them on it 2. What is "nice to have" .... for example Green planet policy and similar modern movements but shouldn't been our main target as they can be costly and we don't have budgets as some big countries. 3. What is really NOT our really target ... for example to copy+paste UN directives (my proposal is to stay out of all organisations whose can only brings us problems), EU directives, NAFTA, MMF, NATO, CIS ... whatever. In cases that somewhere is really necessary than to have tiny interface but not allowed than to have in-depth influence on ourself as than we will not survive. This big mastodons spending too much money on inefficient "roles & directives" that we can skip it as Earth should be our temporary place so we shouldn't be anchored on it!

Mar 4, 17 / Ari 07, 01 01:35 UTC

Hello all!

Thank you everyone who contributed to this thread. Some amazing ideas were proposed and what we're getting from it is more of an education side is needed rather than the physical technology.

Thank you very much and we will put this initiative on hold as we develop another for community input starting in the April 2017B round.

Kind regards,
Rebekah Berg, Lead Community Administrator, Asgardia