Jul 16, 17 / Vir 01, 01 23:33 UTC

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Jul 18, 17 / Vir 03, 01 12:12 UTC

Uhm, what does this line mean?

"Voting is determined by Unique Views on Constitution document compared to Approval Votes"

Does this mean that the voting percentage outcome will be determined by using the votes accepted as the numerator while using the unique page views as the denominator, rather than the entire verified population as the denominator? If so, that's really shifty. It will artificially increase the percentage of voter acceptance.


Jul 18, 17 / Vir 03, 01 12:57 UTC

It means the administration is bending, one more time, any "best pratice" (I have some difficult to call them "legal pratice"), just to state "the Constitution is approved", at last.
As this is a kingdom, so the king writes the rules, I'm not seeing why they're taking the hassle to raise that much smoke, instead of just writing a decree to state that.

Jul 18, 17 / Vir 03, 01 15:11 UTC

So you are changing the denominator from "All Registered Asgardians" to "All Registered Asgardians that hit the Constitution Vote page".

As citizens, how are we supposed to know that second number?


Jul 19, 17 / Vir 04, 01 11:29 UTC

I am a verified citizen, yes. There are levels of citizenship.

I refuse to recognize this travesty of a Constitution because it is shit.


Jul 19, 17 / Vir 04, 01 14:38 UTC

Technically (legally?) speaking, you (as me), are a "verified user", @Phicksur.
As the terms "citizens on preferential bases" are written into a (wannabe) Constitutional draft which is still not approved, so it's no "law", even if the voting period, without any decree, is extended "indefinitely", we're no citizens anyway.
Up to the time the voting process definitely ended, and the results are published, no one into Asgardia is a citizen: we're still into a "company's website/forum" model, as there is no decree, as "prior law" which states that. One doesn't need to be a lawyer, to understand that.

END <- Captcha's humor ;-)

Jul 24, 17 / Vir 09, 01 12:24 UTC

To clarify, until one accepts the Constitution in its current, original form, one is not a Citizen of Asgardia. Tiers of citizenship progress as they do for any country... one enters as a "tourist" by expressing interest and verifying their basic identity. This does not entitle one to vote or to receive extra privileges or rights. Citizens, or "residents," have accepted the Constitution and agree to work within the legal framework of the organization to help it grow.

There really is no confusion on these points. The Constitution must be accepted as it is for one to progress to the point of being able to change the Constitution. It is not catch-22. It is not conspiracy. It is plain, simple, legal precedent that has been used by every new nation for centuries. If one wishes to change the Constitution and to help create laws of Asgardia, then one must agree to work with the system. Period. 

Anything is is, quite frankly, railing and bitching about not getting one's own way. Welcome to the Internet of Diplomacy. Play Fair and Share Your Toys.