Interleaving process is done for satellite communications to improve the recovery of its signals. Extra bits are inserted within the bit stream of the satellite signals. These extra bits are generated randomly. However, a method to improve the recovery process is to substitute these bits from the bit stream of the signal in a pattern to enable the recovery process of the lost bits after the bit stream is deinterleaved. As extra bits will be inserted, it can be used to secure the bit stream without need to perform a specified encryption process.

The specified mechanism of substituting extra bits from the bit stream will be secured and contracted only between the sender and receiver. A process of artificial intelligence based on ANNs may be used to perform the process of substituting bits, interleaving and deinterleaving. The assigned weights for the neurons of the artificial neural network can be considered as a password exchanged only between the sender and receiver.

The decoding process is much more complex than the incoding process so that the artificial intelligence approach will be applied only for the decoding process. The weight of ANN in the receiver will be based on the mechanism of the substitution of extra bits of data stream to perform the interleaving process of the sender. Therefore, it is a type of asymmetrical cryptography.