Jan 28, 17 / Pis 00, 01 12:24 UTC

Kik messaging group???  

If anyone is on Kik messager that wants to create a group ( whether by region, topic, whatever ), Kik is a great platform to have live group chat of up to 50 people.

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Jan 28, 17 / Pis 00, 01 15:30 UTC

Any particular reason you'd elect to fracture Asgardian input across a closed source medium almost assuredly harvesting large amounts of personal data?

I'd personally suggest waiting until the "IT team" impliment a comms protocol locally, it's likely to be a lot more trustable than kik. Limits like only fifty users on modern architectures are really quite laughable, and likely to rapidly fail to scale to our requirements.

Jan 28, 17 / Pis 00, 01 15:53 UTC

It's just a temporary solution that can be used for small location based or topic related issues. I was never recommending it for long term use.

Jan 28, 17 / Pis 00, 01 20:51 UTC

But you was suggesting that Asgardian affairs be redirected through a third party datamine fracturing away from the more widely viewable forum?

Jan 31, 17 / Pis 03, 01 17:31 UTC

This forum is not private, anyone can read it.

Feb 1, 17 / Pis 04, 01 01:24 UTC

Yes, that's part of the point.

I do think personally that there should be somewhere for Asgardians that's lesser public, minimally part of these forums and apparently we're supposedly gaining a PM system at some point. Patience, learn you must. But if it was up to me then I'd of deployed an XMPP server and had a frontend for that embedded into the website for people who don't know how clients work. By about October last year.

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